web sites have been online since the nineties. The credentials of these sites are endorsed by quality newspapers and periodicals like Londonís Financial Times, New York Times, The Investorís Chronicle and The Economist. This is one of the very few sites where you will get genuine help with money and investments. It is an excellent forum for those who wish to know the truth about investments that are offered online and the best way to avoid getting tangled up with schemes, that are cleverly designed ponzi or pyramid scams. It is very easy to be deceived by slick sales people who spout their yarns on the ponzi and pyramid promoting forums. Anyone is welcome to join the MotleyFool forums. It is an ideal place to learn investment strategies and obtain advice from genuine authorities including the Financial Conduct Authority. The American version of MotleyFool was the first to be published but they have expanded and there is also a British version and an .au version. Check for the most applicable for your part of the world.

Forums which promoted hyips and pyramid systems as harmless money games have been dealt a severe blow in recent years. The most notable is the demise of
TalkGold and MoneyMaker (MMG) forums. These were owned by the same person and recently relegated to nothing but a presence on Facebook. The chances of their being restored to their former status is extremely remote.
This site appears to be still functional. However the owner was not the scam buster, that he claimed to be. He was nothing but a hard porn promoter and his porn empire is now in tatters.

. There was a time when Adlandpro membersí helped each other, when they and advertised genuine products and services. However Adlandpro and itís networking community Adlandpro Community has degenerated into a cyberspace sewer for porn merchants, ponzi pimps, scammers, anarchists and new age extremists. I advise my readers avoid visiting any ponzi promoting forums site because of the number of viruses, trojans and other nasties which lurk on these pages.

It is very heartening to see how many of the ponzi boards have been shut down by legal authorities or closed by their owners. Most notable (in my opinion) are ASAGlobal Opportinities, The Safelist, Maximum Talk, GetPaidNext T.I.M.E Management Group and Collective Investments Forum. Other scam and ponzi advertising boards which refer to themselves as money making forums that I would like to see closed once and for all time are PalsCafe, and an extremely dubious looking social networking site known as Apsense.