Prepare to meet a lot of voracious predators when you launch an online business. You will encounter sharks, thieving magpies, worms, species that spawn e-mails like flies, profligate sales people, complete idiots and malicious pests. Remember that viruses can destroy software systems as well as living tissue. Predators can assume many guises and they are past masters in the art of deceiving the unwary. Learn the predators’ marketing strategies before launching any online business.

Nature provided us all with powerful survival mechanisms. Fight or flee. Run from those who offer “the next big thing,” a chance to make easy money or a great investment opportunity, (which was only available to the super rich before now.) Financial predators need pawns and “cannon fodder.” There are well documented sites which will tell you how to perform these checks. The process of is known as
Due Dilligence. It is absolute folly to promote any web site unless you have known the trader or company for some time and protected yourself against cons, scams and frauds.

Most people are familiar with companies like Avon, Tupperware, Herbalife and Amway. Are they legal? Are they profitable? Their sales and marketing strategies are constantly changing and legal battles are ongoing. Can you be bothered with the rate of change?

Networks that you build from known contacts are invaluable but those which are built from social media sites usually include complete strangers. They could be sending you messages using spam bots or spy bots, which are web crawlers that harvest
e-mail addressees from web sites, newsgroups and chat-rooms and spew out regular spam and phising e-mails to the uninitiated.

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You can download a free program called Spybot Search and Destroy from the Safer Networking website, Their software detects and destroy these web crawlers. Be extremely careful that you only download the Spybot Search and destroy program from the Safer Networking web site. Run this program at least once a week but to be on the safe side, I recommend using it every day.

Spybot along with and a good antivirus program like AviraConnect or Norton antivirus. and an anti malware program like Malwarebytes and you can stay relatively safe from most financial predators who lurk in the dark recesses of cyberspace. However very large networks do require more protection and I understand that members of the gaming communities use larger anti-virus programs like Bullguard.

Top echelon scam busters include the journalist
PatrickPretty, Lynn Edgington who is the founder and president of Eagle Research Associates and the consumer advocacy site founded by Heather Dobrott, who uses the screen name “Soapboxmum.” These sites will help readers to distinguish between genuine scam busters and those who pose as such. A few fake scam busters are porn brokers and or money launderers but the majority who use forums and advertising boards, that promote unsustainable ponzi or pyramid schemes assume that they are harmless money games. Ponzis and pyramid schemes are illegal. They are certainly not money games. Some less desirable advertising boards are mentioned on other path2prosperity web pages.

Passing on valuable information or tips and tricks on any subject, is a great way to promote. I would like to bring my readers’ attention to the work of
The Menengitis Charitable Trust. Did you know that meningitis kills more children under 5 than any other illness within the UK. It can kill or maim within hours!

Any help with specialized cleaning problems is always useful. It is very easy to ruin quality items with the wrong products. How would you go about cleaning ormolu, ebony or terrazzo tiles? It may surprise you to learn that the
Victoria and Albert Museum in London, recommends spit as the best product to clean gold or ormolu?

I was very surprised to learn that a product for antique lace is also recommended as the best product for horses coats. Does a horses coat really need cleaning?

What are the most poisonous plants for pets?
My new Tips and Tricks web page.

1) Make sure that nobody in your household views porn. Porn is not illegal in UK but the sites bring the worst trojans and viruses in their wake. If a porn site appears on your screen, run all your diagnostics immediately. Porn merchants usually target adolescents. Warn they not to risk viewing porn on any computer in the home. Porn Is Dangerous for Most Computers.

2) Avoid MLMs like the plague. Check the credentials of those who call themselves “Internet Marketers.” They are probably spam bots. Those who are human, are highly unlikely to be marketers. They are much more likely to be people who are deliberately or inadvertently churning out mass produced, (often infected) web pages like fly blows.

3) Never buy leads or lead generating software. Good sales people keep their leads to themselves.

4) Take care if you use traffic exchanges. Putting a site on a traffic exchange can generate some interest in your products and services but you need to be very selective about the exchanges which you use. if a site breaks a traffic exchange frame or a porn site comes up, report it to the exchange owner immediately and run all your diagnostic tools. The only one which I use is TrafficG.

Never promote an affiliate page unless it is hosted on prime servers like All4hosting and you have checked out the network on which those servers are hosted. Network All4Hosting servers.

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