The Internet is an evolving system. Opportunities for the technological elite and gold star entrepreneurs existed in the early days but they were short lived. What followed was a huge influx of voracious predators claiming to have the means to make the average person rich beyond his or her wildest dreams. Financial predators are no different from biological predators, just that they are out to devour your assets rather than your flesh. You will encounter the lot online; sharks, thieving magpies, worms, species that spawn e-mails like flies, profligate sales people, complete idiots and malicious pests. The average person has as much chance of finding genuine business opportunities in the cyberspace jungle as they have of finding a gold nugget buried in a ploughed field.

Multi level marketing or MLM had been around for a long time before the Internet era. Most people are aware of companies like
Avon, Herbalife or Tupperware. These companies succeeded because they had genuine products to sell. Their agents could build up a network of people who put in repeat orders.

Networks build with real people and real products are effective but networks build with complete strangers disintegrate because nobody can be sure that he or she is dealing with a person or a spam bot. Moreover networks that encourage the agent to recruit rather than sell a product are almost certainly ponzi or pyramid systems. More information about the devastating effects of this sort of predation on my Cons and Frauds site.

There are many ongoing legal battles with most of these MLM companies. Anybody who gets involved with one should keep his or her ears to the ground, in order to keep up to date with rumbles in the legal jungle. There is a very good review of the situation in a top British broadsheet
The DailyTelegraph. Herbalife. Even if the MLM company is legitimate, one can not
be sure that all their reps are sufficiently computer literate to avoid the scammers who know that all Avon reps’ e-mail addresses are in the public domain. These crooks can easily misappropriate the agents’ details to perpetrate their own scams. I advise all my readers to avoid MLMs like the plague but if you want to ignore this advice, it is advisable to keep in touch with
Rod Cook from MLM watchdog.

Affiliate Marketing. It is possible to earn as an affiliate but one has to be extremely careful that you only recommend products or services that you use yourself and sincerely believe to be of value to colleagues. I have had a superlative service from my web host and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending All4Hosting or any other of Peter Kelley’s online services. Do I get paid to say this about my web host. I am an affiliate and I do get small commissions but they have amounted to no more than $50 since 2002. Why? Because I am much more interested in trying to recommend a superlative service to close colleagues than I am in trying to earn commissions by plastering sales spiel all over dubious message boards.

have signed up as an affiliate for several programs and found that the merchant decides to cancel the affiliate program before I reached the threshold to receive my commissions. I had agreed to the terms knowing that this was a possibility, so I could not complain. A merchant needs time to evaluate the effectiveness of running an affiliate program and quite often, he or she decides that it comes more trouble than it is worth. The best affiliate deals are those which you arrange offline. Nothing is more effective than person to person contact.

Paid Surveys. I have taken part in several paid surveys when I have been approached by a market researcher in the street and been invited to attend a meeting at a local venue. They were extremely fair deals. It was no effort to hop on a bus and drop in to the group, (usually a private home) if I was going in that direction anyhow. I was paid £30 at the end of the hour and I used it at a local supermarket before going home. It was a one off deal and I was not pestered by other researchers wanting me to participate in their schemes. In view of this, I decided to give online paid surveys a try. I am sorry to say that I found the whole thing a waste of time and effort. It was not once off. You had to sign up to this and that and it was extremely difficult to get your details removed from any organisation that had any information about you. I would strongly advise any readers to steer away from online surveys.

Youtube videos. There is one chance in a zillion that an individual can make a video which goes viral in a short space of time. It takes years to develop a Youtube channel which pays anything but peanuts and it is fairly safe to say that only large corporations will make money from this now.

Google AdSense. Individuals can earn small commissions from running Goggle ads on their web pages, if they provide their readers with information that has been carefully researched. I have been a dedicated scam buster for years, so I do have followers on and off line. However Google Adsense is a bit of pin money now and again, it is not a business venture. It is certainly not “The Road to Riches.”

People who have genuine items to sell can always sell them on e-bay and other auction sites. If you have a web site, it is easier to keep tract of those who made a bid for your products and direct them to different items, which may be of interest or those that you are planning to release in the not so distant future.

You could offer people in your geographical location and members of cyberspace communities which you inhabit the chance to advertise on your site. I have started offering an advertising service on my site. I am not able to charge for this service at present but when the site is better known and I know that it brings in results, I will be in a position to charge reasonable fees. Please see
Path2prosperity Advertising.

This site has no connection to which was owned by the criminal Nicholas Smirnow.

This site has no connection to which was owned by the criminal Nicholas Smirnow.

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